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Great Home Improvement Tips
July 19, 2016
Great Home Improvement Tips
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March 6, 2018
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Effective tips on installing light gallery on home

Proper light usage.

The damage that light can cause paintings, photographs, drawings and other works on paper are well known. So much so that art insurance companies examine the lighting collectors use as part of a general appraisal.

Lighting experts recommend low lighting, UV filters on exterior windows, and careful consideration of what kind of lighting works best for your collection. Typical lighting errors include: locating fittings too close or too far from the work of art; incorrect choice of fitting type or beam spreads (picture lights mounted on frames or halogen lamps located close to the surface of a work of art); or simply over lighting. It’s important to note that the UV filters on windows don’t last forever, maintaining their impressive 99.9% filtration rate for five to ten years. They need to be tested and updated when necessary.

Source: Quora


Let's watch this simple and easy to follow lighting tips.